Pictures by Pelican Pond

I love being near the water, be it a stream, river, pond, ocean, or pool.  I love it even more when there is wildlife all around!  Here a few of my amateur shots from my visit to Pelican Pond.

Copyright 2017: Kate Zarate

This one is a little fuzzy because I cropped it trying to get a better image of the pelicans.  They kept diving for fish!

Copyright 2017: Kate Zarate

I like to imagine this is a little turtle family and the Dad is letting Mom turtle get some time to herself.  There was a little kid who ran and made the two big ones jump in the water, little guy worked his way up on the bank a little later.  He had quite the struggle, but he made it eventually.

Copyright 2017: Kate Zarate

These two were inseparable and I thought it was cute.  It was so bright I couldn’t see what I was taking a picture of on my phone half the time, but this one came out alright.

Copyright 2017: Kate Zarate

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