Adventures by the Seashore

We spent a little bit of time getting away this week and went on one of my favorite adventures yet…to the beach!

Copyright 2017: Kate Zarate

The ocean was teaming with wildlife and the sky and water were having a friendly competition to see who was more blue.  It was an absolutely magnificent day.

Copyright 2017: Kate Zarate

I took so many pictures my phone decided to cut me off by telling me I had no more storage.

Copyright 2017: Kate Zarate

There were seagulls everywhere we went, but these two were the smart ones.  They found an area of beach far away from everyone else and we followed suit.  The tide was out and so there was a lot of exposed slippery wet rock some of which was heavily coated in colorful algae!

Copyright 2017: Kate Zarate

I’m sure I behaved like a kid at Christmas because everything was so beautiful it energized and excited me.  I could have walked around all day but we had to head back.  Hopefully we’ll have the opportunity to explore the area more someday in the future.

I guess a photo project is in order now so that I have space for more adventure pictures!

Copyright 2017: Kate Zarate



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