Garden Adventures

I’m an animal lover.  Big time.  I love to go to zoos and aquariums and nature parks and try to spot animals in their natural environments.  Most of the time I’m checking for the wildlife and I tend to pay less attention to the natural flora.   Sure, I look a bit when I see a breath taking natural view or fall awakens all of the colors that have been hiding under green…but honestly most of the time I don’t pay attention like I should.

Copyright 2017: Kate Zarate

I went on a botanical garden adventure last weekend that made me reexamine that point of view.  There are so many amazing and beautiful plants out there!

Copyright 2017: Kate Zarate

This garden was able to encourage plants that are from all parts of the globe to thrive!  Coming from the house plant killer I know that takes a lot of skill!

Copyright 2017: Kate Zarate

Many of the plants in the greenhouse came from tropical climates and they grew to tower over you.  It felt like walking through a jungle!  I think one of my favorite parts was how fresh the air smelled in the greenhouse and you could actually smell the flowers as you walked past!

Copyright 2017: Kate Zarate

I will definitely be keeping my eyes open to the fauna AND flora next time I go out on an adventure.


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